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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us
We asked five of our clients to answer, in one sentence, the same question: Why do you use Durst Bookkeeping?

Here is what they said:

Terri is one of the most careful and precise people I know.
-Dale Rhodes
  The Tax Doctor

She is convenient and reliable.
-Mike Gebauer
  Mike's Auto Glass Plus

Terri is dependable and reliable and is a bookkeeper you can count on.
-Jerry Davis
  Never Neater

English is not my native language so it is important for me to find someone I can totally trust, and Terri is that person.
-Gina Wang
  Peking House

I very much enjoy using Durst Bookeeeping.  Terri's organizational skills and timely manner keep me on track and gives me much less to worry about.
-Tamara Marshall
  The Coffee House
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