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The Story of Joe vs Sue
Joe and Sue each own very similar Florist Companies.  Both are small, doing well, and wanting to expand.  However, they can only spread themselves so thin, so both decide to hire out their bookkeeping while they see to the expansion.

Joe decides to go in house, so he hires someone for 10 hours per week, and 10 dollars per hour.  So Joe has to pay a base salary of $400 per month.  Mandatory social security and medicare contributions, unemployment, and minimum workman's compensation insurance add around $125 per month.

Joe's Monthly Cost For Bookkeeping: $525.

Sue decides to use Durst Bookkeeping.  She pays around $200-$300 per month for their services, the typical charge for most small businesses.  For this price she got:
   Accounts Receivable
   Accounts Payable
   Sales Tax Filings
   Tax ready Record Keeping

Sue's Monthly Cost For Bookkeeping: $200-$300.

Joe vs Sue.  Who made the right choice?
You decide.

Joe and Sue are ficticious characters, used only to illustrate the theoretical differences between using Durst Bookkeeping and hiring an employee for bookkeeping services.
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